Goodbye Boundary

Monday, Sept. 1st was my last day at Boundary. It's been an exciting 2.5 years and pretty much nothing like I expected, all part of the fun of working at a startup.

Early in July, I began to think about where I wanted to go from here. My responsibilities with Boundary had become quite varied and required a fair amount of context switching. While I loved many aspects of the job and my teammates I couldn't deny that there was a part of me left unfulfilled.

First and foremost, I am an engineer and I enjoy significant uninterrupted periods of time to concentrate, build, and refine systems. The structure of my role and additional responsibilities were an impediment to this so I decided it was time to simplify and focus on what I love.

By the middle of July I approached the management team to discuss my desire to move on and work out my departure in a manner and time scale that would cause the least amount of disruption for the team. I don't like to just give 2 weeks notice, rather I prefer to just tell people when I'm thinking about moving on.

Some people will advise you to never quit a job without another one lined up or not to discuss leaving but that's horseshit. I went out on my own for several years before joining Boundary, it's extremely liberating and the prospect of some time off has been exactly what I needed.

The last couple weeks have been amazing, I've been able to spend some much needed time with my family, see my son off to college, and relax.

It's been a wonderful experience to be part of the engineering team at Boundary, my teammates both past and present are some of the most kind, humble, thoughtful, and creative people I've ever met. Their hard-work, dedication, and selflessness has inspired me to be a better engineer and individual.

I wish to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to Cliff and all the people who have made Boundary possible over the years, for the opportunity and support I received during my time with the company.

I wish you all the best of luck.