Hi, I'm Ray Jenkins, Aceevo is my consulting company and I write here. I started Aceevo in 2010 and have had the good fortune to work with brilliant engineers at companies like CacheIQ (acq. by NetApp), McKesson, Invodo and Marathon Technologies (acq. by Stratus) to build some amazing products.

For the past few years Aceevo has been on hiatus while I worked on Boundary.

I enjoy helping companies adopt new technology to build innovative products and services, that includes everything from design and implementation of fast, horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant systems to elegantly crafted user interfaces.

My professional experience and interests include distributed systems, concurrency, parallelism and clustered computing, data communication, analytics, machine learning and data visualization.

When I'm not working I enjoy skateboading, reading, writing and playing music and spending time with Andrea Jenkins and my children.